directed by Gio Arlotta



The formation of WITCH, Zambia's most popular rock band of the 1970s.


The film follows the 21st Century formation of Zambia’s most popular rock band of the 1970’s, WITCH, and documents the life of its lead singer, Jagari, whose name is an Africanisation of Mick Jagger’s. Though the resurrection of a music that was forgotten by many and unheard by most, the film explores the life of a former African rockstar, and the excitement around the rediscovery of his music by a new generation of Western fans

DOCUMENTARY DCP/4K - 2019 - Czech republic, Italy - 88min 


PRODUCED BY Pantheon Pictures

While working on his music blog, Is Your Clam In a Jam?, Gio ARLOTTA (1987, Italy) started capturing underground rock bands' performances in Milan on a VHS camera. In 2014, he was invited on a cross-continental trip across Africa passing through Zambia, where he met Jagari Chanda, lead singer of the Zambian Garage Psych Rock band, WITCH. Arlotta started documenting the life of Jagari Chanda and bringing his music to the rest of the world, which resulted in the documentary We Intend to Cause Havoc (2019).