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directed by Arnold de Parscau






There's a melody in your heart.

Eka is a 25-year-old Balinese living in a small village in northern Bali. Out of love for Margaux, a beautiful piano student living on the island with her French family in a luxurious villa, Eka decides to learn how to compose music. The young man will be captivated by this artistic world he seeks to conquer, making him hope for a new life far from poverty and the harshness of his environment. But his downfall will match his rise to success: dizzying and tragic.

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CAST Hari Santika, Dorcas Coppin

ORIGINAL LANGUAGES French, English, Indonesian

PRODUCED BY Fleurs d'Argent Production


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ARNOLD DE PARSCAU is a French director born in Saint-Malo. He studied filmaking at ESRA Bretagne from 2009 to 2011. One of the videos he directed has been selected by David Lynch who used it for his clip Good Day today. Following this first success he directed his first feature film produces by Benoït Delépine, Ablations. A BARGE ON THE OCEAN is his second feature film.

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