Directed by Tamer Jandali

In this documental fiction film, Tamer Jandali accompanies seven young women and men with a camera in Cologne for four months. The protagonists are not professional actors, and it is their personal situations and attitudes toward love that are the starting point for the film’s plot.


Directed by Guido van Driel and Lennert Hillege

Marie Wankelmut, once successful graphic novelist, lives in the Amsterdam red-light district. Being a drunk and a loose cannon, she gets into one conflict after another. A horrific sobering incident in the house next door forces her to take action and get her life back on course.

Directed by Gabriela Calvache

A beautiful woman turns to prostitution. She must surrender her income to the leader of a human trafficking ring, but her daughter’s illness and a drug addiction prevent her from delivering her usual share. An unexpected event will give her the opportunity to stop obeying and take justice into her own hands.

Directed by Frederic Choffat & Julie Gilbert

An urgent plea from Jade, with whom they once shared a passionate bond, brings two European men, Alex and Bernardo, to an unexpected encounter in the Arizona desert, in Navajo Nation. They are introduced to the harsh reality of Jade’s life by her precocious, free-spirited daughter, Frida. Their views on life, love and even death are about to change forever.

Directed by François Valla

Inspired by a true story, Versus is an atypical, hybrid film that oscillates between a teenage chronicle and genre film. We follow the steps of Achille, a handsome young Parisian teenager from a wealthy family, who suddenly becomes victim of an ultra-violent attack. Achille is sent by the sea-side on vacation to recuperate. There, he meets Brian, a young man angry with the world at large. The encounter of these two young men will bring out their true nature; from their conflict will create a murderer...


Directed by Teodor Kuhn

A father whose son has been killed in a neo-Nazi attack struggles with his guilt and the injustice of the judiciary system. His relationship with his family falls apart as he blames himself and tries to influence the investigation.


Directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic

Martina, a young woman who delivers pizza for her father, starts a relationship with Filip, who spends most of his time playing videogames and ordering pizza. After Martina convinces Filip to steal her father’s money to go the Party Beach, everything turns into a bloody nightmare. 

Directed by Mohanad Hayal

It’s 2006 and Baghdad is ravaged by sectarian violence. With Haifa Street as the epicenter of the conflict, masked gunmen and snipers reign with terror  for reasons and political allegiances that are unclear. When Ahmed gets dropped off there by a taxi on his way to his beloved Suad’s home to ask for her hand in marriage, he gets shot by Salam, an anxious young sniper who’s living his own personal hell on a rooftop above. And so the drama begins.

Directed by Anthony Meindl

Three acts of terror disrupt the lives of ordinary people. Will love win out over violence? In Binghamton, an ESL teacher dealing with domestic abuse finds even greater violence at her school. In Orlando, two lovers drifting apart may be separated by the hate of another. In Paris, friends on an introspective night out are caught up in a brutal madness.

Directed by Pierre de Suzonni

Sarah, a beautiful young woman, suddenly realises that Vince does not keep up with her love for him, and she breaks up with him. Vince does not understand and desperately tries to win her back. But Sarah falls unwillingly in love with Zack, a pizza delivery man who dreams of becoming a writer.

Directed by Andrea Sedláčková

Young dancers from the group of West Coast Crew from a small town called Svit dream of becoming famous and wealthy one day. The most tenacious is Buddy, who is able to sacrifice almost everything to win. In a dance contest, they are noticed by the acclaimed producer and invited to a dance competition casting that would open their doors to the world of show-business. But the way is full of hard obstacles, and  their relationships and characters will be subject to the pressure of success.

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