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directed by Emanuel Parvu


A Kafkanian tale in modern days Romania.

One day, teenager Magda offers her expensive necklace to a sick child in the hospital she volunteers for- her father is certain she is lying again.


When she proves her innocence, he is ashamed and guilty but also incapable to admit he was wrong. Relationships are now broken and in chaos, and past decisions have irreversible outcome.

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CAST Bel Serban Pavlu, Ana Indricău, Teodor, Cucu Dumitrescu, Emilia Popescu, Crina Semciuc, Mihaela Sîrbu, Vlad Brumaru


PRODUCED BY Miruna Berescu & FAMart Association

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Emanuel Pârvu was born in 1979 in Romania. He graduated the acting class from the Romanian National University for Theater and Film and holds a Master Degree in the Art of Acting and a PHD in the Dramaturgical Structures. He works as an actor and as a film & theatre director. He is known for his roles in: Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation& Tales from the Golden Age, Adrian Sitaru’s Art, Contantin Popescu’s The Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man and Pororoca, Dan Chisu's The Anniversary& 5 Minutes Too Late. He has written and directed several short films before his feature debut, Meda or The Not So Bright Side of Things, 2017 that had the World Premiere in the Official Competition of Sarajevo IFF, where it won Best Director and Best Actor Award. In 2019, his short Everything is Far Away was on listed among the 94 shorts qualifying for the Oscars 2020.

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