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directed by Carl Carniato


A misanthrope in an isolated house will have to cohabit with a teenager to survive
the proliferation of a toxic fungus threatening their own environment. 


At the heart of the forest, Victor (40) lives as a misanthrope in an isolated house. An atypical teenager, Sam, taken in by his sick grandfather, spends most of his time browsing around in this mutating nature. They will have to cohabit to survive the proliferation of a toxic fungus that threatens their own environment.


MYSTERY, SCIENCE-FI 4K - 2021 - FRANCE - 82 min 

CAST Anton Miossec, Thomas Daloz, Michel Mhanna Santoni, Frédéric Darie, Stéphane Detrain


PRODUCED BY Mon Ballon Productions



After graduating from university in visual arts and although self-taught, Carl Carniato quickly had the opportunity to work for television, before making the choice to be more independent and to work on documentary and fictional projects as a cameraman and/or author-director. In parallel, he teaches audiovisual in several schools.

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