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directed by Marco Simon Puccioni



Marco Simon Puccioni turns his camera to his own family, looking at his sons' evolution growing up with two fathers.



The intimate dialogue between to fathers who trace back the last four years of the growth of their twins. They remember how their children coped with, in different ages, living in a family with two fathers, answering their companions’ questions about the mother or playing on names and roles. Relive the strenuous battle of senator Cirinnà to give Italy a law on civil unions. As they cultivate the affectionate relationship with the American families of the “dede” and the “dona” who allowed the birth of the children as they too participate in the celebration of the civil union of the couple. They seek, among different sensitivities, the names to be given to people of extended families created with assisted procreation techniques.


DOCUMENTARY DCP/4K - 2020 - Italy - 82min 


PRODUCED BY Inthelfilm and Rai Cinema

PP marco simon puccioni.tiff


His fiction and documentary films, mirror a strong interest in social issues as well as the elaboration of an original film language centered on human relationships and have been invited in major film festivals around the world. His debut film “QUELLO CHE CERCHI” (What you’re looking for), was nominated best feature for David di Donatello in 2003.  His second feature film “RIPARO” (Shelter me) opened at the 57th Berlin film festival and toured over 100 international festivals. The documentary feature, “IL COLORE DELLE PAROLE” (The color of the words), opened in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2009.  The documentary feature, “BEFORE AYTHING ELSE” (Prima di tutto), won the Thessaloniki Festival in the project section and was aired by RAI in 2012 and awarded with the Silver Ribbon 2016. The feature film “LIKE THE WIND” (Come il Vento), casting international star Valeria Golino , inspired to the life of Armida Miserere, one of the first woman to direct a jail, opened at the Rome fim festival and won the LARA award for best actress. In theatrical distribution in Italy, France and other countries has been repeatedly awarded in festivals. Graduated in Film directing at CalArts (Los Angeles), Marco Simon Puccioni teaches directing at the Scuola di Cinema G.M. Volonté.

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