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directed by Ivan Ikic




 Lost child. Lost generation.  



Feb 17th 2008. Kosovo declares independence and Serbian government announces mass protests, so people could express their discontent. Luka, a troubled teenager on the verge of adulthood, lives in Mladenovac, a ruined ex-industrial town on the brinks of Belgrade, where, with his best friend Flash, he is a leader of local football club fans. During an unannounced visit by the social worker, Luka is faced with a family secret that his father, who was believed to have disappeared in Kosovo conflicts, is in fact alive and asking for him. Torn between family issues, the pressure of his ongoing parole and affection to a girl he can’t have, Luka loses his temper and breaks the leg of the local club’s top player. He is now under pursuit from people who seek revenge because of their ruined investment and even friends from his group take distance. The day of organized trip to Belgrade protests comes and Luka uses this opportunity to leave town. As hooligans demonstrate their rage in Belgrade streets, Luka gathers his strength to finally meet his father who abandoned him years ago.​

TEENAGE DRAMA DCP/HD - 2014 - Serbia - 89min 



CAST Žejlko Markovi, Nenad Petrović, Jasna Djuričić, Mirko Vlahović, Marina Vodeničar


PRODUCED BY SENSE Production, OR & Restart


Ivan Ikic was born in 1982 in Belgrade. He finished film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade as the best student in his generation. He attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2008 and the Berlinale Dox Clinic 2008. Ikic directed several documentaries, short fiction and commercial films. He became chairman of the board for the documentary film festival Beldocs 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. Barbarians is his first feature film.


GoEast Filmfestival 2014 - Official selection, Competition

Jagran FF 2014 - Official selection

Avvantura Filmforum Zadar 2014 (Croatia) - Official selection

New Taipei City Film Festival 2014 (Taiwan) - Official selection

Cinematik Piestany IFF 2014 (Slovakia) - Official selection

Festival of European & Mediterranean Films 2014 (Piran, Slovenia) - Official selection

Stockholm Film Festival 2014 - Official selection



Special mention at Karlovy Vary FF 2014, East of the West Competition

Seyfi Teoman Award for the most daring debut film - 21st Palic European Film Festival

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