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directed by Krishna Ashu Bhati




  Sweet like love, bitter like betrayal.



After a terrible fight with her conservative parents, 19-year-old Mina moves in with her sister Mandy, who works a prostitute. Mina finds love when she meets Tony, a DJ with financial problems. But two sinister debt collectors give them a drastic ultimatum: they have three days to raise 11 000 Euros. Mandy’s advice to Mina is a diabolic one: to sell the costliest thing she possesses, her virginity.

DRAMA DCP/HD - 2016 - Germany - 95min 



CAST Lisa Brand, Manuel Cortez, Jessy Moravec


PRODUCED BY Neptunia Pictures, Tonfabrik Audio Productions


Born in 1980, Krishna Ashu Bhati attended the Kaskeline Film Academy in Berlin and shot the short film Massala as a graduation projet. He then directed a second short film, Farrago. Bittersweet is his first feature film.

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