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Directed by Adrien Bellay 

Low-tech is a genuine ecological approach which consists in designing and sharing simple, sustainable technology and know-how that are accessible to all.

Low-Tech plunges us into the daily lives of the men and women striving to democratize this new approach.

The precursors of this movement – be they activists, farmers, engineers or entrepreneurs – are seeking a more sober lifestyle and looking to create a positive impetus in every area of social life. In farming, housing, energy, education and in the economy, low-tech is inspiring people. From local to global, we will see how committed citizens manage to turn their dreams into reality. In the worlds of Repair Cafés, organic farming, alternative housing and top engineering schools, the approach is spreading, with tools available to us all.

DOCUMENTARY HD - 2023 - France - 93min 


PRODUCED BY  Irreverence Films 


Adrien Bellay spent his childhood in the south of France where his parents ran a travelling cinema circuit, between a desire for militancy and education in the image. Camera in hand from an early age, it is the dialectic of editing that attracts him in particular. He studied audio-visual techniques to discover the mechanisms of the process. In Paris, his career path led him to collaborate in the editing of reports for France Télévisions, Envoyé Spécial or Thalassa.

Then, the desire to show more complexity prevails. He participates in documentary film projects for the cinema such as the recent Ceux qui Voulaient Guérir. The transition from editing to directing is made by necessity: in a world that is drifting, showing the ecological possibilities becomes essential. This is how the adventure of L'Eveil de la permaculture was born. A film released in 2017, that the author takes to theaters to meet the public and brings together more than 100,000 viewers. Encounters, stories again, and a dynamic set in motion. In the wake of the previous film, a new documentary project dedicated to concrete alternatives is born: Low-Tech.

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