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directed by Christina Loakeimidi

16-year-old Eleftheria, a stranger in a strange world, meets mysterious neighbor Angelos
who invites her into his fascinating grown up world. Roaming the streets of the scorching
hot August city on his bike, she will embark on a journey to discover herself through the
ferocity of first love.

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COMING OF AGE HD DCP - COLOUR - 2023 - Greece, Bulgaria - 100min

CAST Aggeliki Beveratou, Nikolakis Zeginoglou, Konstantinos Aspiotis


PRODUCED BY Ekso Productions, Red Carpet Films

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Christina Ioakeimidi was born in Athens, Greece. She studied stills photography in Greece and filmmaking at the London Film School. During her stay in London,  she wrote, directed and photographed short films. 

Upon returning to Athens, she worked as an assistant director in short films, commercials and feature films, with acclaimed director Panos H. Koutras amongst others.

Her first feature film Harisma (writer, director, producer) was released in 2010 in Greece to critical acclaim and has participated in numerous festivals around the world.

She has also directed documentaries for the Greek television.

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