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directed by Yohann Charrin

To strengthen family ties, free his teenage children from their digital addiction and reconnect with his roots in the region where he grew up, Régis decided to take his wife and children on a surprise holiday to the Vercors. An old ruined house lost in the forest. No water, no electricity, even less network or wifi. Nothing goes according to plan.


COMING OF AGE COMEDY 2023 | France | 94’min| 

CAST Frederick Guillaud, Alexandra Holzhammer, Juliette Charrin, Gabin Jouillero, Jean-François Balmer, Didier Bénureau, Sarah-Laure Estragnat, Stéphane Roux


PRODUCED BY  Yohann Charrin & Yohann Zveig 

portrait yo.jpeg


After studying cinema, he began working on the set in 1997, experimenting with most image-related professions.

In 2003, he shot his first feature-length film as director of photography, La symphonie marocaine, an ambitious musical film shot on 35mm film and spotted at numerous international festivals. It was the start of a long collaboration with Moroccan cinema.

Until 2012, he worked as director of photography on all kinds of productions, collaborating with directors from all walks of life and with a wide range of influences:

( Feature film Matéo Falcone with Eric Vuillard, music videos with Xavier Gens, François Goetghebeur... TV dramas with Didier Le Pécheur, Ludovic Colbeau-Justin, Julien Weill... among others)

In 2012, he wrote and directed his first 20% short film, then began working in parallel as a commissioned film director (corporate, web, advertising).

He has since written 3 feature-length screenplays, including Mise au vert, which will be his first to the screen.

In 2019, he will set up his own production company, Yo films, to produce his films independently. 

In 2020, he produces and directs Mise au vert, an independent feature film. It's a family and social comedy filmed in the Vercors and released in theaters in September 2023.

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