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directed by Daria Onyschenko



Occupied Ukraine. A teacher and a student gravitating towards each other. 

Nina, 30, a Ukrainian language teacher who can’t leave the city of Luhansk, occupied by separatists in Eastern Ukraine, is forced to undergo retraining courses for teaching Russian. Andrii, 17, is a student who was orphaned in the aftermath of the war. They cross paths when Nina witnesses Andrii being arrested by the police after hanging the Ukrainian flag from the roof of his school. 

Nina knows that because they live in a world of injustice and lies Andrii can stay in jail for a long time, and she risks her life to free him. As they gravitate towards each other, they try to remind people in the occupied territories that they deserve a future, too.



CAST Aleksey Gorbunov, Daniil Kamenskyi, Maryna Koshkina


PRODUCED BY Directory Films


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Daria Onyshchenko was born in Kyiv,Ukraine. She graduated from the University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany, wrote and directed a number of scripts and award-winning short films. In 2014 she completed her first feature film EASTALGIA: Hof IFF (Opening Film, best art-directing),Levante IFF (Best film), Avanca IFF(Best Male Actor,best Film)Lets Cee IFF(Opening film), Lato Filmowe Poland (Bronze Dove), Yerevan Golden Apricot IFF(Special Jury Note), Spirit of Fire IFF (Prize of the Russian Guildia of Cinema Critics),Studio Hamburg (Co-Production Film Prize), Nomination for Berlin First Step Awards, Tallin Black Nights IFF, Bratislava IFF,Tiflis IFF, Kyiv IFF, etc. 


WARSAW IFF 2019 - Special Mention

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