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directed by Bernard Leclerq




 We Must Love One Another Or Die.



Doctor Lepage knows his wife, Françoise, very well. He keeps her, watches over her… Like her master, he bats away all ‘butterflies’ that approach her. Françoise knows that she is beautiful, she feels the desire in the gaze of the men who lust after her. But with Jacques, she is sure it is different.


DRAMA DCP/HD - 2018 - Belgium - 90min 

CAST Pascal Greggory, Moana Ferré, Fabrizio Rongione, Nicolas Vaude, Benjamin Ramon,

Renaud Rutten, Valentine Gérard


PRODUCED BY Survive Films



BERNARD DECLERCQ is a screenwriter and artist. He studied filmmaking at the Free University of Brussels. In 1994 he created the production company Filma Non Troppo. He directed a few short films such as Big Sam(uel) (1998) et Hôtel des thermes (2000) as well as a documentary, Gardes de Nuit. In 2007 he co(directed his first feature film Control X with Thomas François. In 2012 he adapted Alain Doucet’s novel Chauffeur-livreur under the title Le Petit Diable. Dissonance is his newest adaptation, based on the novel Côté Jardin written by Alain Monnier.

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