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directed by Hendrik Schäfer




An Israeli gay couple’s journey in pursuing their dream to become parents of twins.



We accompany an Israeli gay couple, Motty and Alon, on their journey to have biological twins through their gestational surrogate, Krista, from Oregon/USA.

For a period of one year, we look into the couple’s daily lives in Israel. We observe how they cope with the financial, medical, social and religious issues Israel’s reality poses them on their quest for fatherhood.

Through their closely observed personal story, the film raises questions about parenthood, so- cial norms and the zeitgeist of our technologi- cally advanced world.


DOCUMENTARY DCP/HD - 2019 - Germany - 94min 

ORIGINAL LANGUAGE Hebrew/English/Spanish

PRODUCED BY Essence Film

IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH EWR Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Line Producer: Thomas Lechner



Hendrik Schäfer was born 1981 and raised in East Berlin. He has lived in the Netherlands, South Africa, Argentina, and since 2014 in Israel. Until 2011, he was a freelance production manager for commercials and music promos. Since 2011, he studied documentary directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

He holds the German National Academic Foundation scholarship and is a member of AG DOK & EDN. “Double Income, Kids” is his diploma film.

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