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directed by Joe Duca




As she journeys across the country, we discover the brutal portrait of the dark side of Americana, and the resilience of childhood innocence in the face of abandonment.




Ten year old Jo spends her days along the Shenandoah River with her best friend Selma, fishing, scrapping for metal—surviving.

She get’s her chance when Bill, her abusive junkie stepdad, OD's on heroine. She dumps him in the river, and flees when the cops come looking for answers.

Selma in tow, she steals Bill’s beat-up Buick, hocks his tools and an old flatscreen for quick cash, and heads off bound for Los Angeles, in hopes of finding her biological father.

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DRAMA 4K - 2021 - USA - 103min 

CAST  Jim Constable, Mary Cate Williams, Daniel Duca



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Award-winning indie writer-director Joe Duca just finished touring with his debut feature-length film, Evergreen (2020), winner of the Houston Broadcast Critics Association's Best Picture, Best Actress, & Best Supporting Actress Awards, Hunter Mountain Film Festival's Best Director, and the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcases Audience Choice Award, among others, prior to landing distribution through Indiecan Pictures, and a December 2020 release.


He unveiled his second full-length feature film, Her Name Was Jo, in 2020, at the Lighthouse International Film Festival, and went on to win Best Narrative Feature at Filmocracy Fest before securing North American distribution through Gravitas Ventures, and teaming with Wide Management for international sales. Her Name Was Jo is slated for an April 2021 digital release.

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