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directed by Khadija Al Salami




A hard-hitting condemnation of child marriage based on the best-selling autobiography by Nojood Alli.




A little girl walks into a court room, looks at the judge straight in the eye and tells him: « I want a divorce».  In Yemen, where there is no age requirement for marriage, ten-year-old Nojoom is forced to marry a 30-year-old man. The dowry offers the family a small income and one less mouth to feed. A legitimate and acceptable arrangement for all, except for Nojoom who will soon see her life take a turn for the worse. A beautiful plea for all these girls forced into womanhood too soon and for their right to a life on their own terms.

DRAMA DCP/HD - 2015 - Yemen/UAE/France - 96min 



CAST Reham Mohammed, Rana Mohammed, Ibrahim Al Ashmori, Naziha Alansi, Husam Alshiabali, Sawadi Alkainai, Adnan Alkhader, Samaa Alhamdani




Khadija Al Salami, Yemen’s first female filmmaker and producer, was born in Sana’a. Forced into child marriage at the age of 11, she rebelled against tribal and family values, daring to leave her husband and seek a divorce. With determination and courage, Khadija Al Salami gained her personal freedom and changed her fate.

At the age of 16, she received a grant that allowed her to follow her dreams by studying in the US where she ultimately completed a master’s dregree in film production and directing.

She directed more than 25 documentaries, most of which deal with the roles of women and young girls in contemporary Yemen. She has received numerous international prizes for her work, including the French Legion of Honor.

In 2009, Khadija Al Salami published the bestseller « Nojood » and made it into this stuning fiction film awarded as the Best Fiction Feature at the Dubai Film Festival 2014.  


Festivals and awards

Dubai International Film Festival 2014 - Best fiction

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights Geneva 2015

Festival International du Film arabe de Gabes 2015 - El Waha d’Or

Festival International du Film transsaharien de Zagora 2015 - Grand Prix, Pablic Award

Eurasia International Film Festival 2015 - Jury Special Mention

Malmo Film Festival 2015 - Best Cinematography

Arabian Sight Film Festival 2015 - Jury Award, Public Award

Festival du film arabe de Fameck 2015 - Press Award , Public Award

Movies That Matter On Tour, The Netherlands 2015

Vienna International Children’s Film Festival 2015

Beirut Cinema Days 2015 

Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

Kolkata International Film Festival 2015 - Jury Award, Special Mention

London Asian Film Festival 2016 - Outstanding Film for the year 2016

Outaouais Film Festival 2016 - Critic Award, Public Award

Global Media Award for best film 2016

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