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directed by Rosanne Pel




Forcing. Breaking. Entering.



15-year-old Eryk lives with his mother, grandmother and great grandmother in a rural village in Poland. His father has been out of the picture as long as Eryk can remember. With his manipulative and dominant mother, he has an intimate relationship. Eryk has feelings for his 13-year-old neighbour Klaudia. But he does not know the difference between love and abuse.

DRAMA DCP/HD - 2018 - Netherlands - 85min 

CAST Eryk Walny, Ewa Makula, Klaudia Przybylska


PRODUCED BY Family Affairs Film


ROSANNE PEL received her Master degree at the Netherlands Film Academy in 2015. Before that she studied at the Utrecht School of Arts where she received her bachelor for directing and scenario fiction in 2011.

During her studies she made various short films. Her short film Out of Sight (2010) was selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the NPS New arrivals audience award. Light as Feathers is her debut feature as scriptwriter and director.

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