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directed by Rafa Molés, Pepe Andreu



A little Icelandic story of fishermen, tourists, a vulcano and a shotgun


Every morning Krilli prepares the many ingredients of Bryggjan’s lobster soup, a tiny cafe in a small town in Iceland. Alli, Krilli’s brother, sits with the old fishermen, the last boxer of Iceland and a writer, who find, every day, a new solution for all the problems of the world.

People from abroad come to Iceland to see the volcanoes, the ice and the genesis of the Earth. And now the tourists and the lava field seem to push the whole town more and more towards the sea.The Bryggjan cafe holds the port, clinging to the ground. It serves as a shelter on the last 3,000 square meters of buildable ground in the harbour for the locals of the town.

lobster soup.png

DOCUMENTARY DCP/4K - 2020 - Spain - 95min 


PRODUCED BY SUICAfilms, Ólafur Axfilms, Studio Nominum


Pepe Andreu (Elche, Spain. 1973) and Rafael Molés (Castellón, Spain. 1974) are directors, screenwriters and producers. Backed by twenty years' experience in television, since 2013 they have been directing and producing fictional documentaries, as well as TV and radio programmes, by means of the production company SUICAfilms. They have directed the full-length documentaries Five days to dance (2014), Sara Baras. Todas las voces (2016), Experimento Stuka (2018) and Picotazos contra el cristal (2019), all selected for and winners of awards at festivals such as Santa Barbara, DocsBarcelona and Krakow, among many others. Lobster Soup participated in 2018 in the San Sebastian Festival's Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum, where it won the Ibaia and Treeline Distribution awards. 

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