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directed by Iliana Estañol & Johanna Lietha



Three teenage couples. One society.


Through three intersecting stories, LOVECUT tells about identity, love and sexuality in a digital, rapid changing society that offers many possibilities, as well as extreme challenges. Tinder, identity, lies, porn and six rebellious teenagers trying to find meaning in the turmoil. What we observe is a snapshot, an excerpt from their lives and their love stories. An attempt to better understand the bold youth of our time as well as the society we live in.

DRAMA DCP/HD - 2020 - Austria / Switzerland - 94min 

CAST Sara Toth, Kerem Abdelhamed, Luca Von Schrader


PRODUCED BY Silverio Productions


liana Estañol is a Mexican - Swiss director born in Mexico City. She studied Film direction in the renown film school in Cuba (EICTV), Experimental New Media in Berlin (UDK)  and a master on Film Direction and Production in Zurich (ZHdK). She has written, directed and produced several films which have been shown at international film festivals around the world. NORDLAND, a road-movie filmed beyond the polar circle, was her first feature film as a producer and LOVECUT is her feature debut as a screenwriter and director.     


Johanna Lietha was born in Zürich and studied filmmaking at the London University of the Arts (UAL). Since 2009 she has written and directed various short films and has been working as a dramatic consultant as well as assistant to directors on film and theatre productions. LOVECUT is her feature film debut as screenwriter, director and producer. 

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