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directed by Madiano Marcheti




This film shows the serious counterparts that the culture of the exploitation of soy and other grains has on Brazilian society, especially on the LGBTQI+ community. The film is set in the central area of Brazil, a place with the highest numbers of transsexuals murders.nce.




The story begin with Madalena’s dead in a soybean plantation. In the periphery, Luziane lives without high expectations of the future while helping her mother.

In a luxury condominium across town, Cristiano tries to prove to his family that he can take care of his parents' soy farm. In a creek, Bianca and other trans friends mourn the death of their friend Madalena.

Although Luziane, Cristiano and Bianca do not know each other, the spirit of Madalena becomes a link between them.

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LGBTQ 4K - 2021 - BRAZIL - 85min 

CAST  Rafael de Bona, Antonio Salvador, Nadja Mitidiero


PRODUCED BY Raccord Produtora Audio Visual

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Madiano MARCHETI (1988, Brazil) obtained a bachelor's degree in film from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. During his studies, he started writing and directing short films. His first two, Vácuo (2013) and Travessias (2013) were shown at São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

In 2014, O lugar mais frio do Rio was honoured at Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife and screened at Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse. Essa barra que é gostar de você (2016) became the opening short film at MIMO Festival. Madalena (2021) is his feature debut. 

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