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directed by Boris Guts
 Minsk, August 2020. Pavel and Julia, a young couple go out at night and end up in the middle of protests, faced armed police, violence and tortures. During 1,5 hours, their life changes completely.

Pavel and Julia, a young couple living in Minsk suburbs. They recently got married, got a mortgage for an apartment, and now are planning to have a baby. After sex, laying in bed in their cozy appartment, they discuss their coming future, recall how they met each other, joke and have fun. Pavel wants to check his ex-wife’s, Tanya’s car, which is at car service nearby.  He dresses up and intends to go out. . Julia goes with him. Here their trip begins.
The couple ends up in the middle of protests of the civilian population, which came out against the unfair presidential elections. Tanya, participates in these protests. Pavel tries to contact her, but her phone is not available.  Pavel is worried, he wants to find her.  Julia gets jealous. 
Under the cover of the night,  Pavel and Julia learn on their own skin the brutality, tortures and violent behavior of the Belarusian armed Riot Units and the police. Based on real events, happened in Minsk, August 2020.  Single – take film.


DRAMA HD - 2022 - ESTONIA - 112min

CAST Anastasia Shemyakina, Aleksey Maslodudov, Evgeniy Koryakovskiy, Julia Aug, Daniil Steklov





Boris's grandfather went through the Second World War from Brest to Berlin and settled in the Urals. Boris Guts was born in Omsk, Siberia. From an early age he workd as a journalist on TV. At the age of 30 he entered and graduated from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow (VGIK). Since that, he has directed four full-length films, including "Minsk".

Laureate and winner of more than a dozen Russian film festivals. In all his works, he revealed his tough position in relation to problematic topics in Russian society, such as  harassment, homophobia and oncology. His new film "Minsk" is based on the real events that happened in Belarus in summer 2020, victims of which became civilians, including Boris's friends and relatives.

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