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directed by Joud Said




Rising up out of the ashes.



Yusuf and his nephew were planning on leaving Homs just like many civilians on the day a ceasefire was declared 2014. Yet Homs did not want them to leave. Instead it held them back and made them meet Yara, a stubborn girl with a very different perspective and background. She is searching for her missing brother, hoping she can find him in what is left of their beautiful city.

Trapped in a city that became a grave to all who stayed in it, this is a tale of people with so many different perspectives who had to put their differences aside and endure the long wait that the war imposed on them.

DRAMA DCP/HD - 2018 - Syria - 100min 

CAST Mohammad Al Ahmad, Lama Al Hakim, Wassim Kazk,

Ali Sokkar


PRODUCED BY Adamz Production


JOUD SAID was born in Damascus in 1980. He graduated from l'Ecole Louis Lumière in France in 2006. He directed two short films: Monologue (2007) and Goodbye (2008) as well as a few feature films: Once Again (2009), And My Last Friend (2012), Waiting for the Fall (2014) and RAIN OF HOMS.

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