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directed by Ina Mihalache




 Lonely girl looking for no one.



One day, while Solange is studying sheep-shaped dust formations in her apartment, the doorbell rings. A deliveryman claims to have a package for her. Solange is formal in her response: That's impossible. The deliveryman insists, and misunderstanding ensues. Solange collapses. When a doctor suggests that someone watch over Solange at night, her landlord devotes himself to the task. Later, remembering his other obligations, he must recruit a replacement watchman... A human chain is put into place to prevent Solange from being left alone. This relational therapy seems beneficial.

COMEDY / DRAMA DCP/HD - 2016 - FRANCE - 67min



CAST Ina Mihalache, Pierre Siankowski, Francis Litsenborgh


PRODUCED BY Silex Films, Uproduction, Obsidienne Studio, Firm Studio


Ina Mihalache (Screenwriter, Director, Actress) was born in Montreal in 1985. In 2004, after studying visual arts in Canada, she moved to Paris, where she attended the drama school Cours Florent. Ina has worked as cameraman and editor on documentaries and produced unusual works, such as the video tryptich Réussites/Patiences (2009), which tackles the questions of maladjustment, isolation, idleness and nudity in the public space.


In November 2011, Ina created the channel Solange te parle (Solange Talks To You) on YouTube. In 2012 and 2013, invited by the new media department of French public radio, Radio France, Ina produced three original series (Solange Reads All Your Tweets, Solange In The Bus, Solange Penetrates Your Private Life), in partnership with France Inter and Le Mouv’ radio stations, which have created a buzz online.


Ina Mihalache is currently attending Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains (promotion Chantal Akerman).

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