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directed by Dragomir Sholev





All forms of abuse leave bruises



Stoyan is a 13-year-old outsider who lives with his grandmother and her ill sister. His parents are immigrant workers and their presence in his life is only on the screen of his phone. A head taller than the others and overweight, he doesn’t fit in. He is bullied every day, but never responds. One day, when a boy tries to steal his phone – the only connection with his parents – Pig instinctively fights back and hits the boy, almost deadly. Convinced that he is a killer, Pig runs away and hides in a nearby forest; the boy is not hurt, and the kids want revenge.


DRAMA DCP/HD - 2018 - Bulgaria- 100min 

CAST Tania Shahova, Hristofor Nedkov, Pavel Poppandov.


PRODUCED BY Gorilla Films

Director Dragomir Sholev.JPG


Dragomir Sholev graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria. After the success of his shorts Family, Habanera, Before Life, after Death and The Go-Between, in 2009 Drago Sholev filmed the documentary Now and Forever which was presented with a large audience success at the 14th Sofia IFF. In 2010 he directed his first feature Shelter. The scenario was co-written with Razvan Radulescu,  Melissa de Raaf and Drago Sholev. Shelter premiered at San Sebastian IFF and received 21 awards for its appearance at over 70 festivals around the world, among which Tromso, Rotterdam, Goteborg, Sofia, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Festroia, Munich, La Rochelle, Haifa, Odessa, etc

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