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directed by Pierre Meynadier




 Embark on a journey in breathtaking amazon as Arach the baby caiman unveils his family story.



Arach is a baby caiman. His father, Akam the valiant is a legend: not only is he the greatest hunter of the Great Kingdom but he is also the first caiman who decided to have a family. As Arach tells us how this all happened, we set off on a magical journey throughout mesmerizing Amazon.


A tale of hope, love and family where animals talk and nature unveils it's finest marvels. 


WILD-LIFE FANTASY/FAMILY DCP/HD - 2017 - France - 86min



PRODUCED BY Image Images


Born in 1960, Pierre Meynadier has directed more than 100 documentaries all around the world. Specialized in the discovery of people, he has won numerous awards in international festivals. He spent more than 100 days on the shooting of this film in order to realize amazing shots.

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