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directed by Josip Žuvan
 Two young protagonists are best friends, but the severely disrupted neighborly relations between their two families will sow discord in their relationship.

Nikola and Antonio, two twelve years olds live next door in a suburban neighbourghood with cobbled road. They have fun shooting carbide and filming it hoping to scoremillions of views on Youtube. 
Their families are in dispute that goes way back and they don’t like the boys hanging out.During Christmas time the fight between the families escalates and starts to ruin the relationship of two best friends.


DRAMA 2K - 2022 - CROATIA/SERBIA - 113min

CAST Franko Floigl, Mauro Ercegović Gracin, Ljubomir Bandović, Zdenko Jelčić, Marija Škaričić, Asja Jovanović, Ivana Roščić


PRODUCED BY Maxima film, Biberche Productions




Born in 1987 in Trogir. In 2012 he graduated MA of Film and TV Directing
(fiction film) at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb with short film ‘’Snow’’, filmed in co-production with Croatian radiotelevision.
His short fiction and animated films are shown at many international festivals. He currently works as a writer, director and creative producer at numerous commercial TV formats.
He is a member of Croatian Film director’s guild.
Carbide is his first feature film.

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