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directed by Jean-François Davy




 Eroticism is an art revealing vice in all of us



While casting for the next woman in his film, Jean-François Davy is captivated by the eighth actress… It’s a pure and honest account of this sexual encounter and the proceedings of this relationship where the author plunges into the film and uses his own body to reconcile cinematographic and sexual expression.

EROTIC DCP/HD - 2014 - FRANCE - 72min



CAST Jean-François Davy & Kitty Kat






Jean-François Davy is a director and a producer of films who was born in Paris in 1945. When he was 20, he directed his first feature film, L'Attentat. Then Davy went to Ouagadougou to do his national service and directed some documentaries there. After being back in France, Davy worked on ambitious projects inlcuding the films Le Seuil du Vide and Chaussette Surprise but also on erotic comedy films like the smutty trilogy Bananes Mécaniques, Prenez la queue comme tout le monde and Q. His greatest success is Exhibition, a film presented at Cannes Film Festival in 1975 and that was followed byExhibition 2, Prostitution or Les Pornocrates. In 1983 Davy had directed 16 feature films. In 2005, Davy directed Les aiguilles rouges which has been critically acclaimed by both critics and the public, as well as Tricheuse released in 2008. The docu-fiction films Les délires de Célia and Transgression are an attempt to bring back together film expression and sex representation on screens by mixing humour, eroticism and fantasy. 


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